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Design and Webserver update

Created: Friday, 06 January 2017

Finally, after more than 18 month, i'm able to show you the new website i have been working on.

I have re-scanned and digitally enhanced film photos a good as possible. Photos from Digital SLR's were scaled to a higher resolution.

The minimum resolution is 1280x720 pixel, but most are in 1920x1080 aka as Full HD.

New Features on this Site are:

  • - Location tags with sub Locations, like Austria => Vienna => Kalksburg.
  • - Special Categories like, Larvae or In copula photos cross-sections over all insects.
  • - Entomologists Tagging, with small introductions about the Entomologist.
  • - Multi Language, you can switch between English, German and Danish.
  • - Cicada photos, for now just one Treehopper, has been added.


There is still a long way to go, many film photos have not yet been re-scanned, unfortunately this process takes a lot of time.

On the other hand many of my film photos simply aren't that good as i thought. Most of them are from before 2005 and back then i wasn't that good a Macro photographer.

Because of the above i haven't any photos of grasshoppers online - yet.

A lot of Butterflies are missing compared to the old site. Many Beetles are still missing. And i haven't really been looking into Wasps a all.


But all in all this new Website Content Management System has a lot of possibilities and i will try to update this more often than the old site, because it's a easier.


Per Hoffmann Olsen


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