Copyright: Per Hoffmann Olsen

Trichius fasciatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Category: Trichiinae

Copyright: Per Hoffmann Olsen

  • English:
  • German/Austrian: Gebänderter Pinselkäfer
  • Danish:
  • Image: 1920x1080
  • Location: Austria, Niederösterreich, Höllental
  • Date: 09/08/2014
  • Copyright: Per Hoffmann Olsen
  • Camera: Canon EOS 50D
  • Lens: Sigma 150mm APO Macro

Identification Help

This is a male species.


To the left you can that the first tarsus is big and ball-like. This feature is the same with all Trichius species, and makes it a male. If this is very small, needless to say, its a female.

To the right you can see the middle leg with a clearly pronounced tooth. This defines the Trichius fasciatus species. No other Trichius has this.

Vist this website for detailed identification help:


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