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- Family: Papilionidae

The Swedish Entomologist Carl Linnaeus let himself be inspired of the Greek mythology when naming Families, Genus and Species of the Swallowtails in German know as Knight Butterflies. A family is named Troides after the Trojans, a butterfly family only to be found in Asia - also known as Birdwings.

The name Papilio machaon, known as the European Swallowtail, is from the Greek Hero Machaon (the physician), who fought together with his brother Podalirius in the Trojan war on the side of the Greeks. Iphiclides Podalirius is the Scarce Swallowtail.

The species below are all named that way, Apollo, Mnemosyne, Polyxena and so on. Other Entomologists also used this principle of naming the Papilionidae.

Parnassius apollo

Parnassius apollo

Did you know?: Just like most of the other Swallowtail butterflies the Apollo only lives for a short time as an adult - about 3 weeks.

Details: Parnassius apollo

Parnassius mnemosyne

Parnassius mnemosyne

Did you know?: The female P. mnemosyne gets, after mating, a socalled sphragis (copulation plug) from the male species.

Details: Parnassius mnemosyne

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