English:Common scorpionfly
German:Gemeine Skorpionsfliege
Danish:Almindelig Skorpionflue
Location:Austria, Niederösterreich, Ober-Danegg
Copyright:Per Hoffmann Olsen
Camera:Canon EOS 30D
Lens:Sigma 150mm 1:2.8 APO Macro

The is a Male with its typical genitalia very similar to a scorpions stinger, which gave the whole family its name - Scorpionflies.

Insect of the year in Austria 2018.

On the 1. of March 2020 iNaturalist chose this as the Observation of the day. 

Tony Iwane - iNaturalist Staff: "Wonderful capture, thanks for sharing @per-hoffmann-olsen, this is iNaturalist's Observation of the Day! We've posted it to our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts."

Easier to identify from this angle.

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